Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GOP backing away from repeal

Earlier this month the president and Dems doubled down and forced through the most sweeping expansion of the state in 2 generations, and make no mistake, this is just the beginning.

But one must understand that the folks that benefit most from this deal are the insurance companies. The Obama administration has just forced a 32 million Americans into the market place, and the premiums are now be backed by taxpayers. This is a big pay day for the insurance companies. Essentially health insurance in this country has just become a public/private partnership.

Some would call this arrangement a form of fascism. A soft form to be sure, but the iron fist is still inside the velvet glove.

We see now that Republicans are steering away from repeal. I wonder why? Could it be that their contributors in the health insurance industry have come to the conclusion that they can deal with the federal mandate in return for increased guaranteed, government backed profits?

Pretty much.

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