Friday, April 30, 2010

Don’t let social conservatives hijack the TEA party; if they do we may never get our Constitution back.

By Nick Sorrentino

Why do people dislike Obama so much? The establishment left seems to think, or at least says it thinks that it is because Obama is African American. In their eyes what the TEA Party represents is a reaction (in the Marxist sense) of bourgeois white people to times changing. These folks have never been for change and now that there is a black guy in the Oval Office, they are really pissed.

With smug derision the establishment media dismisses the grievances of the TEA Party as the grievances of those who long ago had been marginalized. How dare they insist now they have a voice. How dare they get in the way of the inevitable progression toward a full welfare state? This is what we have been waiting for. The media will be damned if a bunch of what they perceive as yokels, who have probably never even seen a New York Times let alone read one, derail the statist train.

The establishment media also perceives an existential threat. They have been the establishment for a very long time. Spouting a generally a left of center, but also generally pro-corporate, northeastern, perspective, they see that readership is down. Yet blogs sprouting up from points unknown (to them) somewhere between New York and LA are growing by leaps and bounds. The “peasants” with the pitchforks are getting together. This can not be a good thing they perceive, and it isn’t for them.

New news powers are emerging where before the establishment was unchallenged. Only 15 years ago there was no Fox News. I personally can not stand about 95% of Fox News’ broadcasting, but the point is that there used to be no alternative at all to the New York Times-CNN-Washington Post informational industrial complex. At least Fox does have a different point of view even if it is boneheaded.

Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart TV putting up 100k for proof of racist slurs made by TEA Partiers against members of Congress would not have happened even 5 years ago. The establishment perceives correctly that times are changing, but it is they who are vestiges of a bygone era not the TEA partiers necessarily.

The stakes are incredibly high. If the TEA Party is able to establish mainstream legitimacy- as it has to some degree- then there is a real challenge to the establishment. The whole discussion changes. Points of reference shift. In an effort to remarginalize the TEA party movement the establishment continually refers to the TEA party as a racist one. It is a “conservative” movement they say, not a classically liberal one as many within the movement believe it to be.

Of course some within the TEA party characterize themselves as “conservatives.” Many, in fact. This is a real trap for the TEA party, which at this point has a chance to restore the Constitution. We will waste this incredible opportunity to change the whole political conversation for a generation if the TEA party focuses on social issues, and not economic ones. TEA, stands for Taxed-Enough-Already, its foundation is one of economic classical liberalism, or libertarianism. If the TEA party instead embraces the tactics of the GOP and begins to emphasize social issues, the war in the end will be lost. The establishment will be able to make the case that the TEA Party is not in fact about a smaller state but about a group of people who just can’t stand cultural change.

Please, TEA party nation, don’t do this.

We should be against taxes, opacity in government, and the subtle tyranny of an ever growing bureaucracy.

We should be for personal freedom, large corporations being allowed to fail, entrepreneurialism, truly free markets, an end to deficits, and an end to the Federal Reserve which manipulates the economy and destroys the savings of everyday people.

If we hold to these principles we win. If however the TEA party goes down the “conservative” route instead of the classically liberal one we will lose, not to say betray the very spirit of the Republic.

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