Friday, April 9, 2010

If the stock market's up, it must be rigged...right?

Yesterday we posted a video of Charles Biderman making the case that the stock market is being manipulated. He still believes this but his investment stance has changed a bit since that video which was filmed in January. Here is a piece from March 31 outlining his bullish perspective.

It must be said Biderman does not seem to abandon his assertion that sketchy things are going on in the market, but he follows money flows and the money coming into the market continues to come in. Whether its the Fed, China, or alien investors from Alpha Centauri moving the dough in he seems to recognise that you can't fight whatever is.

TrimTabs' Charles Biderman is currently bullish on the U.S. stock market. Why? It's all about supply and demand.

Here is a piece from the LA Times offering the "reasonable" perspective on the market run-up.

If the stock market's up, it must be rigged...right?

We at the LER continue to believe that the current market is rife with fraud on all levels. But central banks in conjunction with governments are incredibly powerful. We continue to believe however that they are not stronger than the market, which we believe is governed by the rules of nature and not man.

We continue to see the current world economy as a bucket with a hole in the bottom with sand constantly pouring out of it. The thing is if the Fed has a beach from which it can shovel sand this situation could last for a long time.

It must be remembered also that the best performing stock market in the world in 2007 was Zimbabwe's, in the midst of rampant fraud and hyper hyper hyperinflation.

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