Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ron Paul MD delivered the TEA Party into the world

It is interesting that there is a group of people within the TEA Party who continue to be uncomfortable with Ron Paul. They still cling to outdated concepts of what "conservatism" is.

It's very hard in my estimation to be for small government and leaving people alone if you are for locking people in jail for possessing cannabis, for example. Yet some in the TEA Party still seem able to justify such positions despite saying they are advocates of the Constitution. I think many people in the TEA Party's social conservative wing are coming to terms with issues such as this right now. We'll see how it shakes out.

Regardless it should be remembered that Ron Paul laid the foundation for this movement. The "conservatives" who now count themselves as members of the TEA Party Nation would be wise to remember that Fox News, and the Republican leadership have for years done everything they can to take Ron Paul down. Don't forget this.

From the Atlantic:
Ron Paul: Tea Party Godfather?

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