Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sins of Our Fathers

By Randy McKeen

Oh how far we’ve come in this world! Our ancestors wouldn’t recognize or understand our current world. Yet transport their forefathers of any century to their world and they could assimilate easily enough. The world can stand in awe of itself and it’s achievements. We no longer need to be an agrarian society. We’ve urbanized, socialized, educated, fed and saved more lives today than any in the past. Yet as we’ve advanced we haven’t just left behind archaic occupations and machinery we’ve lost what brought us this far. One of our greatest sins as humanity is forgetting we are human.

We have lost touch with the reality of our human condition because we are so blinded by our other successes. Humankind ignored several lessons in the last 100 years. One of the most prominent is the understanding of human nature. Our advancements in various fields of study do not intrinsically push our own collective minds above reproach. We all fail, falter, make mistakes and every other vice known to man. To assume we are no longer the same people who walked this Earth 100 or 1000 years ago is nothing but a foolish dream.

We must assume that greed will exist in the poorest and wealthiest; murderers are created out of slums and mansions alike, etc. It is imperative to remember that no environment is powerful enough alone to stop our vices from coming to the surface. It is a singular personal endeavor to overcome our imperfections. This lesson must be learned anew in every person and generation. No personal change of character can happen without the internal desire to transform.

No conversation can be had with anyone who doesn’t understand that one lost lesson. No liberal/progressive can have an educated discussion while they assume they are by their nature better than any person in history. No conservative will be approachable while they still see others as barbaric and unworthy. We were born of our fathers and we still have the selfsame sins to individually deal with.

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