Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obama Administration Closes In On Control of Media

Now is the most vibrant time in the history of journalism. Finally information has been seized from the brokers (MSM) and is subject to the scrutiny of the public. Remember when there were 3 outlets for TV news? Remember when you had to rely on your local newspaper for local information? Well the FTC apparently sees those times as the good old days.

Never before has information been so readily accessed and news more vibrant than it is now. Never have new have ideas spread as quickly as they do now. Never have people been able to make better choices in everything due to the amount of information the average person now has access to.

And this is the reason the Feds want to "reinvent journalism." There is too much power in the hands of the people. In the age of the Internet we have a liquid market in information. Ideas rise and fall on their merit. The problem is that people who don't like free markets generally definitely don't like a free market in ideas.

How dare the bloggers weigh in on the direction of the country. Any moron with a laptop can say whatever he or she wants and post it on the Internet. We must regulate this phenomenon! We must licence journalists! (This is actually a proposal.)

This is a very bad development for our country. Fight this. I will be fighting it.

FTC draft report includes five new possible taxes as ways to fund media and limit freedom of the press.

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