Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Property speculation leaves 64.5 million vacant homes in China

Speculation in the real estate market has generated such a high rate of housing vacancy that it could lead to social disorder and financial problems, an economist with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences says. The government, meanwhile, crosses its fingers. ...“The problem now is that investment in the domestic property market has completely overturned China's traditional concepts of wealth management,” Yi explained.

China Slowing Faster Than Anticipated, Capital Economics Says (As we've said before, there are real opportunities in shorting China, but pick wisely.)

U.S. companies turn to China, other Asian nations, for growth

Hilaire Belloc saw Obama coming. A review of The Servile State, by Hilaire Belloc (I read this book in an afternoon in college. I stumbled across it in the library and and did not put it down until I was done. It is an obscure book, but anticipated The Road to Serfdom by 30+ years. In years ahead The Servile State is likey to be read much more.)

NSA's Perfect Citizen Program: What You Need to Know

The newspaper quoted a memo from the main contractor on the project that said, "Perfect Citizen is Big Brother." The NSA denies that it is embarking on any illegal or invasive domestic activities

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