Friday, August 6, 2010

America Is at Risk of Boiling Over

In this piece from Peggy Noonan she rightly identifies a fundamental shift in the outlook of this great republic. She believes that most people in this country believe that their children will have it worse than they did. As she says...

"The biggest political change in my lifetime is that Americans no longer assume that their children will have it better than they did. This is a huge break with the past, with assumptions and traditions that shaped us."

I personally prefer to have a more positive outlook. In fact I choose to. Because I have too. I believe that my generation- the people in their thirties now- can be the "Getting America's Shit Together Generation." But it will take a colossal change in outlook.

Focus on your family and bringing your kids up right. Focus on your community. Get to know your neighbors. Plant a garden. Stop eating fast food.

And for God's sake stop living on that financial drug, credit.

All easier said than done that is for sure, but we've got to do this. The future of our country is at stake.

Click here for the piece.

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