Friday, September 10, 2010

Ground Zero Mosques, Burning Korans, Bread and Circuses

By Nick Sorrentino

The whole Koran burning thing has long since spun out of control. But this deep seeded tribalism in the USA makes me sad. What is this crap?

The current hysteria, and it is as close to mass hysteria in some circles as it gets, was provoked by the stupid decision to build a mosque right next to Ground Zero. This was inflammatory (so to speak) and should not have happened.

But this guy down in Florida burning Korans or not burning Korans? Come on. The church has 50 people in it. Yet his asinine stunt was highlighted by the Obama administration? Why? Honestly why? It makes no damn sense. This is my biggest question in this whole fiasco.

Some guy from the coastal swamps of Florida declares that he is going to burn Korans in protest. Big deal. He’s a nut. He has a right to do this in the United States. But why would the Obama administration give a stage to this guy? How many people will die because of this stupid move by the White House? My bet is at least a few.

So this is what we are reduced to now. Our economy is nearing free fall and we are consumed by a mosque and some dude form Lynard Skynard’s home town. (No offence to Lynard Skynard fans I count myself as one.)

This is classic. The public gets all riled up about some social issue that really gets under their skin, all the while the economic issues, the things that really affect them, continue on unnoticed.

Step back people. For God’s sake step back. Your country is bankrupt and China dangles the economic sword of Damocles over our heads. But what am I saying? That’s probably why we are paying attention to all of this nonsense.

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