Saturday, January 1, 2011

Liberal Blogger Ezra Klein: Constitution "Confusing Because it’s Over 100 Years Old"

This is the LER's 500 post. I didn't realize it until just now but I suppose this story is appropriate.

Linked is a short clip of Ezra Klein a blogger and columnist for The Washington Post. In the clip he mocks the Republican plan to read the United States Constitution on the floor of the House. With a dismissive ho hum he explains that the Constitution is practically meaningless because it was written "over 100 years ago."

Over 100 years ago and that makes it impossible to read? What is it written in Sanskrit? 100 years is not really that long ago. Nowadays it is little more than the average human lifetime. Yet apparently Ezra can't figure out what the Constitution means.

God help us if he actually knew the Constitution is 223 years old. He'd probably say that the Constitution was nothing more that a goddamn piece of paper. Oh wait George Bush said that.

Anyway here's the clip.

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