Sunday, January 9, 2011

Showdown: The Social Conservatives are using GOProud as an excuse to boycott CPAC. The truth is they are afraid that they will lose yet again to RP.

So the social conservatives feel the Grand Old Party slipping from their grasp, and they are not happy about it.

Last year Ron Paul and his people ate the social conservative’s lunch in the straw poll with the Congressman coming in first with 31% of the vote, far ahead of the next challenger Mitt Romney with 22%, and completely smoking Sara Palin who got only 7%.

This year the libertarians are again organizing for CPAC and the social conservatives are afraid they will lose even worse than last year. This is why they are boycotting not because a gay group will be in attendance.

Gays, social conservatives can shun, the liberty oriented conservatives they however can not. There are just too many of us. In fact we likely outnumber the social cons now.

The social cons have for decades sought to take over the Republican Party completely. They now see that though they came close in the early 2000s they have failed, and failed badly.

So that’s why they are throwing a fit and using GOPoud as a scapegoat. The social cons know that they are being left behind by a new generation of libertarian/conservatives who realize that obsession with socially conservative issues is a luxury this country can no longer afford. We need to get our financial house in order and cut the size of government. This is a colossal task and expending energy worrying about states issuing gay marriage licenses is a waste of time and energy.

The dream that rose in the 1970s with Jerry Fallwell’s Moral Majority is now setting and many in the socially conservative camp just can’t come to terms with this. That is why they fear coming to CPAC. The social conservatives might not like the gays, but they quake with fear at prospect of the GOP becoming a liberty oriented party.

I mean, what do the social cons do if that happens? Go back to being Democrats?

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