Saturday, February 12, 2011

Social media is a miracle.

Times are changing. There is little doubt. As I talk with smart people across the political spectrum who are not deeply tied to the state this seems to be obvious.

People who make their living from the state don’t want things to change. They recognize that as long at the establishment protects their interests , they will do better than most folks.

But increasingly the non state class, the people who largely do not receive their bread from the state are fed up. This goes for my redneck friends, and it goes for my hippie west coast friends. So long as the people in question do not derive most of their income from the perpetuation of the system they are willing to accept that the system is broken, corrupt, and needs to change.

But the side that relies on the government for its paycheck is large and powerful. It is very hard to say to someone that their source of income, the institution to which they have given much of their lives is illegitimate. It is far harder for that person to agree with you. To do so is to make a huge leap. To do so is to put the mortgage in jeopardy. To do so is a personal revolution. Frankly I understand. Being uncomfortable economically sucks.

But times tend to change whether one wants them to or not.

I make my living in social media. I make money helping people communicate ideas. That’s where I get my bread. That’s how I got paid.

I am deeply thankful that the internet and social media exist. It allows everyday folks to communicate and spread powerful ideas. The fact that such a thing exists (social media) is a miracle. Let me make that point again. It is a MIRACLE.

Imagine for a moment if someone went to Janet Napolitano at the Department of Homeland Security and said; “Look I have this technology that allows anyone anywhere to share whatever idea he or she wants. What do you think?”

The reaction would be swift and horrible. There would be no social media. There would be no revolution in Tunisia. There would be no revolution in Egypt. There’d be no revolution in….

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