Sunday, March 20, 2011

A new war, meltdown in Japan: Obama says Samba Time!

By Nick Sorrentino

The bombs have started dropping in Libya. Japan is in ruins and struggling with a potential nuclear catastrophe. Our president has decided that the best place to be during this time is in Brazil with his family.

I am not a fan of attacking the president. There are plenty of people that do that. I prefer to focus on the issues instead. But I have to say that Obama taking off for South America right now is really unacceptable.

He has just authorized the use of force against a country. The world economy has just taken a major blow in the land of the rising sun. Yet the other side of the world is where he prefers to spend his time.

It is good however that we know his picks for the NCAA tournament.

I have read that the President spends quite a lot of time watching Sportscenter. Not a bad thing I suppose. I’d prefer our president do something else with his time, but hell Reagan used to take regular afternoon naps.

But to take off now? To act as if essentially bringing this country into a 3rd on-going war, a war Defense Secretary Gates himself warned us not to do, is not even worth sticking around the White House for? Well, I think that shows serious lack of character, or a tin ear, or both.

I could be wrong. Maybe he is being briefed on Air Force One constantly and it's all just running as smooth as silk. No need to talk to Hillary Clinton or the Joint Chiefs in person, just schedule a conference call.

I can’t believe I am saying this but we are probably better off with old Hillary running the show anyway.

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