Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rand Paul in the White House?

By Nick Sorrentino

It’s 2011 and you know what that means. Time to start jockeying for the Republican presidential nomination. So lets take a look at what’s on offer. Who has the best shot at beating Obama in 2012?

Apparently a whole bunch of people think they should be the one to move into the White House next year. At last look there are nearly 300 Republicans who have announced that they are forming exploratory committees to test the waters. Lord knows how we are going to do the debates. Fitting all the candidates and their egos on one stage might prove to be impossible.

OK so maybe there aren’t quite 300, but it seems like it. The sad thing is, from a Republican perspective anyway, of the current herd of candidates there doesn’t seem to be one viable star.

Palin is a star, but she has all kinds of baggage, and frankly scares too many voters, GOP and Dem. She’s got a nice life going for herself these days anyway and may end up sitting this one out.

Who else? Oh, there’s Romney. You know the guy who instituted the healthcare program in Massachusetts that Obamacare is based on. I don’t care how good his hair is or what kind of establishment support he has, the TEA Party will not be happy with him as the GOP flag bearer. In 2012 the TEA Party will have a veto when it comes to the Republican presidential nomination.

There are bunch more, including Newt Gingrich who has decided that if Obama can get elected with his past then just being a lousy husband might not seem so bad to voters. And Mike Huckabee, a religious conservative who is still more concerned with social issues than fiscal ones even though the country is drowning in debt.

All of them will likely lose to Obama. None of them tap into the deep angst that many voters feel right now. None of them give me the feeling that they will bring with them the deep seriousness, mixed with the creativity, tenacity, and understanding of sacrifice that will be necessary to put this country back on the right track.

Really we are not just on the wrong track. We are very nearly off the track. We need a president with an understanding of this reality. I don’t think most of the folks running for the GOP nomination understand how bad it is for many Americans these days, and how much we fear for our country.

I think there is one fellow (perhaps 2, I‘m nodding at you Gary Johnson former Governor of New Mexico) who might be up to the job though. He is the junior Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul.

I love his father and will support him if he runs, but Ron Paul is in his late 70s. Even for a man as sharp and who runs as many miles as Congressman Paul does that is getting a bit long in the tooth for a president.

The younger Paul, on the other hand is nearly as good as his father on most issues, yet may be a bit more palatable to the defenceniks. He’s not afraid of a fight, but understands how to talk to the left. He was elected in spite of the establishment and its money. He will have been in the Senate longer than our current President was when he was elected. He recently offered a bill which would cut $500 billion from the budget, which in my book is a good start. He’s got good presidential “bones.”

Many people will dismiss Rand right out of the gate. This would be a mistake for both Republicans and Democrats. If he runs he’ll go deep.

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