Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NOW they are scared of Ron Paul

By Nick Sorrentino

I am not one for conspiracy theories. One of the important things I learned in my brief time in Washington DC is that it is very hard to keep a secret secret in politics. But in the wake of Ron Paul’s near victory (he lost by less than 1%) in the Iowa Straw Poll I had to fight the thought that there was a concerted effort among many to keep Ron Paul as far off the radar screen of Americans as possible.

It was truly bizarre. As a long time fan of Dr. Paul’s I long ago got used to the shabby treatment given to Paul by most of the media. But after the poll, media shabbiness was taken to a whole new level.

It started with the head of the Iowa GOP announcing the winner, Michelle Bachman, and then wishing everyone a good night without announcing the rest of the placing. This was never done before. Traditionally the other places were announced. Of course Ron Paul had never placed second in the Iowa Straw Poll before.

I watched the Sunday morning talk shows the next day. Michelle Bachman (a native of Iowa) was on every channel crowing as she had every right to, she won. However, Ron Paul was nowhere. That seemed nearly as weird as the winner announcement the day before.

In fact when talking about the poll results most of the Sunday shows did not even mention Ron Paul. They mentioned Bachman. They mentioned Pawlenty because he dropped out. They mentioned Perry (who was not even on the ballot) because he had just entered the race. And they mentioned Romney because someone declared him the “frontrunner.” Nothing, I mean nothing, about the man who nearly won the contest, Ron Paul.

The next day Paul announced that he had been scheduled to be on one of the Sunday morning shows but that the show had called and canceled. He declined to say which one it was.

When I heard that I knew it was official. The establishment was now scared of Ron Paul. It thinks he can win the presidency if things break right for him a couple of times. But both the establishment left and the establishment right do not plan on allowing any breaks to come Paul’s way.

It’s like this.

The establishment left fears Paul because he is actually serious about reducing the size of government, by a lot. They see a Paul presidency coupled with an even more powerful Tea Party in Congress as the possible death of the New Deal dream. This blows their minds. Obamacare under a President Paul? Not likely.

The establishment right fears Paul because he is a threat to the massive warfare (and now surveillance) state that this country has built since World War II. If we bring our troops home, if we end the wars that are bankrupting the country, if we abolish the TSA, if we reign in the Department of Homeland Security, how is the establishment right going to get money to the people who give the establishment right politicians money?

So there you have it. Both sides don’t want Paul to be president, and because Paul represents change, not fake Obama “change” but real change, they will do everything they can to make sure their club remains intact.

Why do you think there is the new, and in my opinion highly unconstitutional “Super Committee” in Congress? It is an end run around the Tea Party by both the old GOP and the Democrats to make sure their power is not reduced.

That darn Constitution keeps getting in the way. Doesn’t the Tea Party (and Ron Paul) know that it is we who are the ones in charge. This is our country. We are the big shots. You, the peons are to follow as you always have. Do as we say. Don’t even THINK of voting for Ron Paul.

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